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One Tree Pledge

We are proud to partner with One Tree Planted and donate £1 or the equivalent amount in the currency paid on every sale with AIC Sneaks.

As a business we acknowledge the effects of our carbon footprint from delivering our products all around the world as well as the cost it serves to our planet.

It's why we are proud to donate to such a vital cause and no longer send our shoes or clothing in boxes.

One Tree Pledge

AIC Sneaks fulfils every order with biodegradable packaging where possible or easily recyclable alternatives.

The main reasons cardboard is bad for our environment.

Cardboard is extremely common with most retailers to send out their wares in, whether it's packing electronics or clothing, chances are you have received it and didn't think anything out of the normal.

Whilst cardboard can be recycled, but unfortunately there is far too many people that don't accept the small responsibility of recycling cardboard properly. As responsible retailers we want to contribute to cleaner air, less landfills being amassed with cardboard and mitigate the negative effects of consumers and businesses not recycling correctly.

One Tree Planted

The top reasons that made us decide to abolish cardboard and non recyclable packaging:

1. It most likely ends up in a landfill due to laziness.

2. It negatively affects wildlife and beauty destinations globally.

3. It increases the amount of methane in the atmosphere.

4. It helps to increase the use of natural resources consumption.

We hope our customers acknowledge our strong effort in helping in a small way towards a cleaner environment for everyone.